Quickly design and customize responsive web reports and data visualisations with Widestage, the world’s most popular open source reporting and business intelligence tool, featuring semantic layers, embedded reports and dashboards, responsive grid system, etc...

The self service business intelligence tool


Intuitive and modern front-end, powerful back-end

Install in a matter of minutes. 

Integrate smoothly using iFrames or our RESTFUL API into your web apps

Share and collaborate

Share your reports and dashboards with everyone



Data explorer

Reporting with a semantic layer.

The Widestage semantic layer allows your users to query your data without knowing how the data is structured and using business terms instead of SQL or complex query languages.

Let your users create their own reports and dashboards. Self service BI.

Empower your users at the same time you save time of your data engineering team. Your users will be able to create their own reports and dashboards with an easy to use and intuitive tool.

Extend your applications with embedded reporting

smooth and quick integration into your web app to add business intelligence to your developments

Reports and Dashboards

Easily integrate selected reports and dashboards into your web pages or applications and let Widestage control the data access, look and feel, etc...

Data explorer

Give your web application users the this UNIQUE Widestage functionality and let then explore your full data universe by themselves...

Secure your data

Define who can access your data, who can create or share reports and dashboards. Any security aspect can be managed with our powerful user and role management system.

Access all your data through a single API

Use our RESTFUL API interface to access your data through your semantic layers 

A universal RESTFUL API to access all your data. Through semantic layers!

Apply an abstraction layer to your data consumers, the WideStage universal RESTFUL API allow your users to access data in your repositories without writing SQL, without database  connections, etc.

All interaction is traced, like data volumes, data accessed, etc..

Do you need to share your data with clients or partners?

Trace all your client's activities through your RESTFUL API. See volumes, number of records downloaded, limit usage through quotas, etc.

And more ...

Advanced features 

Data cache

Speed up the latency of your most used queries using the intermediate cache.

Query log

Identify, search and visualize all executed queries against your data sources


Add your own logos, personalize colors and CSS

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