Looking for a free alternative to Tableau?

Tableau is great, but sometimes is difficult to get the most of it, specially when looking at the cost-benefit or cost of ownership. This  is specially critical for small and medium companies, looking for a powerful but affordable business intelligence solution to empower their data analytics. Tableau has also many features that probably doesn't make sense for your actual needs. Widestage has been created to address that, as a realistic alternative to tableau, condensing the most useful business intelligence features into a single lightweight tool that will help you to implement an entire business intelligence and data analytics suite in a matter of minutes and totally for free, forever.

Presenting WideStage, the free, open sourced self service business intelligence tool

Lightweight, 100% web based

Intuitive and modern front-end

Powerful back-end

Reporting with a semantic layer

The widestage semantic layer allows your users to query your data without knowing how the data is structured and using business terms instead of SQL or complex query languages.

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