MongoDB reporting & analytics

Full Native Reports and Data Visualizations for MongoDB

Full native MongoDB dashboards and reports.

Leading open source MongoDB reporting tool. Generate easily your reports and dashboards just dragging and dropping with an intuitive interface, easy to use by non data experts.

Take your MongoDB databases to the next level with a powerful data analytics solution.

Join MongoDB collections

WideStage implements an optimized native server-side in memory joining algorithm for all MongoDB collections participating in the same query

Work with mongodb like any relational database

Query root and nested elements across your data collections

Scans and flattens all nested elements across your collections documents, to be used like relational columns (fields) in your queries

Take your mongodb to the next level with the PRO features

Improve query performance with the built in cache

The built in cache feature, accelerates the most complex queries to milliseconds.

All your data available through an universal RESTFULL API

Access all your data mongoDb and relational using the Data Hub.

Identify query volumes, review executed queries, etc...

The pro features include a powerful toolset to identify workloads, efficiencies, etc..

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