Open source reports for MySQL and MariaDB

MySQL and MariaDB... Fully supported!!!

MySQL and MariaDB are popular open-source database management systems that are commonly used in BI tools. Both databases are designed to handle large amounts of data and are capable of handling high-concurrency workloads, making them well-suited for BI applications.

Using MySQL or MariaDB as the underlying database for Widestage allows for fast querying and analysis of data. The database can be queried using the widestage drag and drop interface designed for users without any knowledge of the SQL query language, Widestage interact with databases like MySQL and MariaDB generating queries dynamically, which allows for the creation of complex queries and the ability to join data from multiple sources, for any business user.

Overall, using MySQL or MariaDB as the database for Widestage can provide businesses with a powerful and efficient way to analyze and gain insights from their data easily and for free.

Reporting with a semantic layer.

The Widestage semantic layer allows your users to query your data without knowing how the data is structured and using business terms instead of SQL or complex query languages.

Let your users create their own reports and dashboards. Self service BI.

Empower your users at the same time you save time of your data engineering team. Your users will be able to create their own reports and dashboards with an easy to use and intuitive tool.

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